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How it works

How it works?

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Test Vision & Assess Knowledge

Detect Eye Problems & Learn about Vision: We have created various eye tests to perform an eye exam for complete vision screening and detection of possible eye problems. Our Eye Quizzes will help you test your knowledge on eye health and eye care.

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Vision Therapy with Eye Exercises

Based on eye test results, you will be offered customized Training Plans with daily Eye Training Sets. We have created a list of eye exercises to support a variety of vision issues and help maintain your eye health.

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Learn About eye health with EYE CARE HUB

We’ve designed Eye Care HUB to answer any question you might have about Eye Health. It is constantly updated with eye care tips, facts, eye health articles, healthy recipes, eye emergency tips and other useful information. If you still have unanswered questions you can always contact one of our Eye Doctors.

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Eye Training Plans

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Providing Vision Therapy & Creating Eye Health Awareness to help prevent visual impairment around the world!

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