This test checks for the probability of you suffering from spasm of accommodation. If you are new to the term, spasm of accommodation is a spasm in the eye muscles or inability to accommodate due to overload and constant eye tension. Almost any person that uses smartphones, watches tv for long or passes most of the day indoors, may develop spasm of accommodation.

How it works

You will be offered a set of multiple choice questions that will help to identify the spasm of accommodation. The test is based on the main symptoms of the accommodation spasm, and their combinations.


Based on your answers, your results will indicate whether your chances of suffering from spasm of accommodation are low, average or high.


It is recommended to pass the Visual Acuity test after you take the Accommodation quiz to check for nearsightedness/farsightedness. If your vision is high or average (up to +/- 4D) eye exercises may help you to significantly improve or completely get rid of your eye issues.

More information

Issues screened with this test

  • Spasm of accommodation