Dry Eyes Quiz



The dry eye syndrome is one of the most common eye issues in the modern world. Long hours of work in front of computers, the use of tablets, smartphones, pollution and other conditions all put a strain on the vision, causing irritation and dryness.

The basic reason of eye dryness is blinking less, which naturally happens when you stare at a computer screen. However, there may be other reasons, such as diabetes, aftereffects of a laser surgery and many others.

How it works

The dry eyes quiz will help to estimate your chances of suffering from eye dryness. It is based on a set of questions that embrace the main symptoms of eye dryness.


Based on your answers, your chances will be estimated as high, average or low.


Keep in mind that eye exercises from our application can help to reduce eye dryness brought about lack of motion in the eyes.

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  • Dry eye syndrome