Visual Acuity



The visual acuity test is made in accord with best ophthalmological practices and standard vision charts (Snellen chart, LogMAR chart, Golovin–Sivtsev table, Landolt C / Japanese Vision Test, Tumbling E chart).

How it works

This test checks your vision stats with three sets of steps.


Based on the answers, your results may indicate high (>70%), average (40-70%) or low (<40%) vision.

Basically, 70% or higher vision is totally enough for running a normal life. However, based on profession, some people like photographers, doctors or jewelers may need a higher result for good performance.


If your vision is average or low, you may want to visit your ophthalmologist. Remember, bad eyesight may affect the quality of your life.

It is recommended to pass the Accommodation test after you take the Visual acuity test to check for spasm of accommodation. If your vision is high or average (up to +/- 4D) eye exercises may help you to completely get rid of vision issues. If your myopia is higher, you can still reduce the issue and improve your vision.

More information

Issues screened with this test

  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness