Spasm of accommodation



These exercises are designed to help with eye redness, fatigue and tension. The spasm of accommodation is a common condition which usually accompanies shortsightedness and long-sightedness. It can also appear as a separate issue, as a result of visual overload. Symptoms of the accommodation spasm are really close in nature to symptoms of myopia. They may include blurred vision, squinting, headaches, eye strain, etc.

The accommodation spasm is different from myopia in its nature. While myopia is a permanent deformation of the eye, the spasm of accommodation is a temporary spasm of the eye muscles caused by visual overload.

The accommodation spasm often accompanies myopia, and can reach up to -4D in power, so if the vision is -6D, 4 of it comes along spasm of accommodation and can be completely removed with help of eye exercises.

How it works

The exercises in this category are designed to train your eye muscles in a way to be better stretched and prepared for visual loads. The exercises are especially useful in case of low myopia, and if performed systematically, may completely eliminate the problem. However, they may lead to significant vision improvement in case of moderate or high myopia if exercises are performed according to a specific schedule.


We have taken this and the peculiarity of the eye’s reaction to training when preparing the basic training plan. It is build according to best practices and ophthalmologists' recommendations. Specialists advise to do three short training every day rather than one long session, because this way results are more sustainable.

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  • Helps when you have Spasm of Accommodation
  • Helps remove Eye Redness
  • Removes Eye Dryness
  • Prevents Myopia from aggravating
  • Prevents Hyperopia from aggravating