Dry Eye



These exercises are designed to help with eye dryness caused by different harmful agents of modern lifestyle and environment.

The dry eye syndrome may be caused by a lot of reasons, the most common of them being lack of movement. When an individual concentrates their vision on a specific object for a long period of time, blinking becomes less frequent, causing drying of the eye surface. As a result, the individual may experience eye redness, itching and irritation, which are all symptoms of the dry eye.

How it works

The exercises are based on constant eye movement and blinking, and help to reduce the symptoms of dry eye. All dry eye problems resulting from the lack of natural lubrication, and not caused by health conditions, medications or problems with the eye functioning, can be improved with the help of eye exercises offered in Eye Care Plus.


Doctors recommend to do short breaks and relax to lubricate your eyes during the most active and loaded hours. Use the dry eye plan during such breaks. You can select the active hours and break intervals. This will make sure you get rid of the dry eye syndrome and you can then keep up the results through maintenance.

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