Lazy Eye



The exercises in this category are designed to reduce the symptoms of lazy eye among kids and to train the eyes among adults.

A lazy eye an eye with poor vision that is mainly caused by underuse, especially the unused eye in a squint.

The lazy eye is a common condition which can be completely treated if the individual is up to 11-12 years old. Afterwards, complete reduction of symptoms doesn't take place, but the eye can still be trained for better vision.

How it works

This category includes stimulation and eye muscles exercises.

As the lazy eye appears because of misuse or lack of use for one eye, stimulation and eye muscles exercises are very useful in treating and reducing the issue. It is very important to note the right way to perform these exercises. During each exercise you need to cover the healthy eye and perform the exercise with the lazy eye.


Eye muscles exercises train the eye muscles for better focus and greater performance. They will improve your eyes' muscle tone while also increasing blood circulation to the eyes.

Stimulation exercises, on the other hand, teach the visual system of the brain to better use its potential. The stimulation of the brain center responsible for vision may lead to compensation of blurred vision by the brain.

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  • Recovers minor Focusing Errors
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