Vision Therapy

Eye Exercises Developed For You

How it works

How it works?

Choose a training plan

There are different Training Plans you can use.
The Basic Training Plan will be available to you at the start.
Exercise and earn XP (Experience Points) to unlock Special Training Plans.
Customize your training plans!

Get Training Sets Daily

Training Sets will contain specially selected eye exercises.
You can have several Training Sets during the day. Customize the Training Sets to fit your daily schedule better.

Complete all Exercises in the Sets

Eye Exercises are different from each other and are tailored towards different needs. Browse through exercises categories to understand what each exercise is designed to accomplish.

  • Eye Stimulation Exercises

    Activate the sleeping cells of your eyes & revive the damaged ones

  • Eye Accommodation Spasm Exercises

    Help with spasm of accommodation, eye redness, fatigue and tension

  • Dry Eye Exercises

    Helps with dry eyes caused by different attributes of daily life

7 more categories
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Track Progress

Accomplish your daily goals by exercising daily. Track your progress for the day, for the week and for the entire time you’ve been exercising your eyes.
Modify your daily goals to fit your lifestyle.

Better lifestyle for better health